FINAL-Potluck Picnic Meeting Summer 2017

Who We are

Our membership is exploding!

With a mailing list of over 1,000 active members (virtually all of whom have attended events or training), LI Activists is happily growing by leaps and bounds.

Although we were born out of the Bernie Sanders movement, we now have members who support many candidates and parties in  local, state and national elections.

We are committed to finding the common desire for justice that bounds progressive thinkers, and welcome anyone who is like minded.

LI Activists is a chapter of NYPAN (New York Progressives Action Network), and an affiliate of Our Revolution.

LI Activists has an elected Steering Committee, appointed operational positions, plus a number of core issues that our members work tirelessly to advance.

Our members come from all walks of life: education, healthcare, private industry, public sector.

2021 Steering Committee

Ian Atkinson:

Robert Buonaspina:

Marco Lamas:

Samantha Law:

Matthew Otter:

Joe Sackman:

Tela Troge:

Action Committees:


Robert Buonaspina, Chair:

Amy Benjamin -

Matthew Otter:

Jesse Pohlman - 

          Environmental Issues:

Joe Naham, Chair:


Robert Buonaspina, Co-Chair:

Steve Ceccini, Co-Chair:



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