‘Handmaids’ Protest Opening of Hobby Lobby in Massapequa

Protestors say the company does not support women’s reproductive rights

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MASSAPEQUA — Hobby Lobby in Massapequa opened with many people lined up in front of the business to encourage shoppers to spend their money at another craft store on Monday.

“We are just here to inform people: Hobby Lobby does not use union labor and does not support women’s reproductive rights,” protestrr Candice Hildebrant said.

The protesters do not want people to shop there because the Green family who owns the company has a strong Christian faith and runs their company according to their religious beliefs.

“They do not pay for contraceptive coverage. They cannot choose which contraceptive works for them due to the Supreme Court ruling that went in their favor,” Hildebrant said.

The Hobby Lobby stores had a Supreme Court ruling on the issue, which ended in their favor. According to the ruling, for-profit companies can deny contraceptive coverage to employees based on religious objection.

The chain has over 500 stores and over 13,000 employees.

The protesters Monday dressed like “handmaids.” They say if more employers keep taking away coverage from women, they will be in the real-life “Handmaids Tale,” a tale where the women of the future who are able to reproduce are treated like breeding cows.

“There is nothing wrong with birth control; they are making a political statement and politically oppressing families,” said protester Gloria Mason.