LI Activists is committed to fighting for a host of issues that are usually put under the umbrella of a “Women’s Rights Committee”, but as all women know, the amount of “Women’s Issues” is far from a small amount. There is Equal Pay for Equal Work, Reproductive Rights, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Rape, Sexual Harassment, and so many many more.  Listed below are just some issues we work on, but we are not limited to these only. LI Activists stands firmly behind our female activists, now, and forever.


LI Activists at the Women's March in NYC on 1/20/17.

The Women's March on January 20th, 2017
Photograph by Candice Hildebrant

LI Activists at the Women's March in NYC on 1/20/17.

The issues below are presented by topic 1st. Then, a piece of active New York State (NYS) legislation is listed. After the listed legislation you will find a synopsis of what the bill is proposing.

We encourage ALL to go here, to the NYS government website, where you can enter the bill number and find the bill to read it in full for yourself:

Another great thing that comes with searching and locating the legislation on the above link is that you will be asked if you agree with the legislation once you locate it.

If you select “Aye” or “No” this information will be sent to your correct representative. You can also add on your own comments to be sent to your representative along with your ‘aye’ or ‘no’. We can flood a representatives with ‘aye’s and let our feeling be known within the bounds of their own system.

Ending Sexual Harassment

NYS Senate Bill S587

  • Ending Sexual Harassment on The Job for Every Employee
  • Extend the prohibition on sexual harassment in the workplace to workplaces with fewer than four employees

NYS Senate Bill S5874

  • Allowing for Attorney’s Fees in Employment, Credit, and Housing Sex Discrimination Cases.
  • Allow litigants who win a sex discrimination suit to collect attorney’s fees.

NYS Senate Bill S5875

  • Ending Familial Status Discrimination
  • Outlaw discrimination against parents in the workplace

Strengthening Sex Offender Registration Laws

NYS Senate Bill S968 and NYS Assembly Bill A860

  • Limits Where a Sex Offender Can Live
    To restrict sex offenders from residing within 1500 feet of the residence to their victim.

NYS Assembly Bill A419

  • Monitoring of convicted pedophiles and Level 3 Sex Offenders
    Provides for monitoring persons who are pedophiles and both level 3 sex offenders and sexual predators or predicate sex offenders with global positioning system

NYS Assembly Bill A8715 and NYS Senate S3030

  • Makes the failure of a sex offender to register or verify pursuant to the provisions of the sex offender registration act or violation of the prohibition on sex offenders being employed on a motor vehicle engaged in the retail sale of frozen desserts a class D felony.

NYS Assembly Bill A892

  • Establishes the sex offender alert line to permit members of the public to request notification of the residence of a registered sex offender within certain zip codes.
  • Provides that notification will be requested and made by telephone or via the internet.
  • Provides that it shall be limited to such information as is otherwise legally permitted to be divulged.

NYS Senate Bill S6932

  • Prohibiting Bus Routes Stopping In Front Of Residence of Registered Sex Offender.
  • To prevent school districts from designating bus stops in front of the residence of a sex offender when other more suitable locations for the bus stop are practicable.

NYS Assembly Bill A570

  • Relates to level three designation for certain sex offenders under the sex offender registration act; provides for a level three designation under the sex offender registration act for persons convicted of or a conviction for an attempt to commit an offense contained in article 130 (sexual offenses) or 263 (sexual performance by a child) or section 135.25 (kidnapping in the first degree), section 230.06 (patronizing a prostitute in the first degree), section 230.32 (promoting prostitution in the first degree) or section 255.25, 255.26 or 255.27 (incest) of the penal law where the victim of the related offense is less than eleven years old.

Ending the Rape Kit Backlog

NYS Senate Bill S8117 and Assembly Bill A10067A

  • Enacting Senate Bill which was signed by the Governor that provides for the processing of and maintenance of rape kits but only has partial compliance.

NYS Senate Bill S3326

  • Would create a statewide sexual assault kit tracking system that enables sexual assault survivors to anonymously track or receive updates regarding the status of their kits.

NYS Senate Bill S6238 and NYS Assembly Bill A3597

  • Grants Victims of Sex Offenses The Right to Information about the testing status and forensic evidence associated with their cases.

Justice for Rape & Sexual Assault Victims

NYS Senate Bill S3515 and NYS Assembly Bill A4372

  • To expand the protections afforded to women who conceive a child as a result of rape
  • Provides a process for the termination of parental rights in cases of a child conceived through rape by clear and convincing evidence.

NYS Senate Bill S6428 and Assembly Bill A8401

  • Provides for the establishment of a sexual assault survivor bill of rights by the department of health, in consultation with the division of criminal justice services and department of law.
    Directs the department of health to conduct a study on the maintenance of sexual offense evidence kits.
  • Provides the right to consult with and be accompanied by a victim assistance organization during physical exams and interrogations.
  • Provides the right to preventive treatment for HIV.
  • Provides the right to notice about the results of the sexual assault evidence kit and the status of their case.
  • Directs police and prosecutors to implement policies to implement such rights.
  • Directs the division of criminal justice services to study the feasibility of establishing a statewide sexual assault evidence kit tracking system.
  • (Also part of Ending the Rape Kit Backlog)

Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention

NYS Senate Bill S809

  • Known as the “The Child Victims Act”. This would eliminate the Statute of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse Offenses.
  • By eliminating the statute of limitations in childhood sexual abuse cases, victims will be able to have their day in court and seek the justice they have been denied, while other children are more likely to be protected from becoming future victims of the same offenders.

HFNY( Healthy Families NY)

  • This is not a piece of specific legislation. This is a state funded program. Healthy Families New York (HFNY) home visiting has been flat-funded for six years, an effective reduction in funding that has reduced the number of families served, staff to serve them, and special services such as outreach to fathers to involve them in their children's lives. A research-proven program, HFNY reaches a diverse array of at-risk families to improve health, safety and learning outcomes for children. We need the Legislature to maintain the $23.3 million the Governor has proposed and add $3.5 million, for a total of $26.8 million, to restore services to the level that had been achieved in 2008.; Congress has still not reauthorized either the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV) or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). We need to continue to join in efforts to reauthorize before much-needed services are lost at PCANY [Prevent Child Abuse NY]) For more information on HFNY you can visit their website:


Ending Pregnancy Discrimination

NYS Senate Bill S5880

  • Ending Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Require employers to provide reasonable accommodation to pregnant workers

Safeguarding Reproductive Health

NYS Senate Bill S5881

  • Safeguarding Reproductive Health by ensuring that a woman can access abortion care in New York State when her health is at risk by:
  • Codifying in New York State law the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade;
  • Ensuring that a woman in New York can get an abortion within 24 weeks of pregnancy, or when necessary to protect her life or health;
  • Ensuring that physicians operating within their scope of practice cannot be criminally prosecuted in New York for providing such care;
  • Retaining those provisions in state law that allow the state to prosecute those who harm pregnant women

NYS Senate Bill S2796 and NYS Assembly Bill A1748

  • From the Bill Sponsor Democrat Liz Kruger: “Complex and personal decisions about reproductive healthcare are the sole right and responsibility of a woman and her medical providers.” This bill states “that an abortion May be performed by a licensed, certified, or authorized practitioner within 24 weeks from the commencement of pregnancy, or there is an absence of fetal viability, or at any time when necessary to protect a patient's life or health.”

Securing Equal Pay

NYS Senate Bill S5872

  • Called The Women’s Equality Act
  • Close a loophole in New York’s equal pay law that allows employers to justify paying female employees less.
  • Outlaw workplace wage secrecy policies.
  • Increase damages available to a prevailing litigant to 300% of unpaid wages.

Supporting Domestic Violence Victims

NYS Senate Bill S5876

  • Ending Discrimination in Housing based on Domestic Violence Victim Status & Source of Income.
  • Prohibit building owners, managers and leasing agents from refusing to lease or sell, or evicting a tenant because of their status as a domestic violence victim
  • Create a task force to study the impact of discrimination based on source of income in housing, in particular discrimination against tenants receiving Section 8 rental assistance, with focus on any sex-based impact

NYS Senate Bill S5877

  • Ensuring that Victims of Domestic Violence are not punished for “violating” their own Order of Protection
    Ensure in law that protected parties cannot be held to violate an order of protection put in place to protect them

NYS Senate Bill S5878

  • Creating a Pilot Program for Remote Access to Orders of Protection
  • Authorize the creation of a pilot program to allow domestic violence victims to testify remotely.

Stopping Human Trafficking

NYS Senate Bill S5879

  • Strengthening laws against Human Trafficking by offering better protection to survivors of human trafficking, especially minors, by treating survivors as victims and increasing penalties to punish offenders by:
  • Creating an affirmative defense to a prostitution charge that the individual was a trafficking victim;
    Increasing penalties across the board for human trafficking and labor trafficking;
  • Creating new offenses, in increasing degrees, of aggravated patronizing a minor; and
  • Creating a civil action for victims of trafficking against their perpetrators.