Social Action

Our members are visible and engaged. LI Activists show up, near and far, with signs and flyers.  LI Activists members have attended demonstrations for economic justice (Fight for 15), health care (NYS single payer),  racial justice and to support progressive candidates - just to name a few.
What ideas do you have to change the world?
Join us and let us know!

Public Awareness

LI Activists members know how to phone bank, ring door bells, and pass out flyers.  Our efforts have helped in gathering signatures, get out the vote, and help progressive candidates.
Sometimes a job calls for old fashioned shoe leather, and other times technology is used - including group text messaging, robo calling, and social media outreach and advertising.
LI Activists is ready to get the word out.

Training & Education

LI Activists works with local & national organizations to supply training events that immerse citizens into the power of democracy.
Lecture events, film screenings, seminars, slide shows, and teleconferences help our members learn about life changing issues.
Learning from each other as well as from experts, we discover how to rally, campaign, lobby and project progressive ideas.

Government Interaction

LI Activists are on the front lines of communication with our elected leaders.
We have had conferences with national leaders, and sit-down meetings with representatives from both State and Federal legislature.
LI Activists continues to reach out and communicate with both elected and prospective leaders. Our members are seeking to find those progressives who represent our values, letting them know they can count on our support.

Get Involved...

Join your neighbors at LI Activists and make a difference!