Bernie’s Revolution Continues on Long Island

longislandactivists From The Long Island Press

The organization Long Island for Bernie Sanders has changed its name to Long Island Activists and is gearing up for the 2016 New York State Senate races.

More than a year ago, on July 29, 2016, progressive-minded Long Islanders met in local coffee shops, bars, restaurants and private homes to hear a live-stream from Bernie Sanders. Long Island for Bernie was born.

After months on campaigning, the group was disappointed with the results of the Democratic primary. However, they are determined to keep working to push a progressive agenda at the local, state and federal level.

Out of the ashes of the Long Island for Bernie Sanders, emerges Long Island Activists. They have joined with other progressive groups around the state to push the #DemandDemocracy initiative, calling for public financing of elections, expanded voting rights and common sense anti-corruption legislation.

The organization voted to endorse six candidates for New York State Senate based on their pledge to support #DemandDemocracy and a variety of other factors—Peter Magistrate (District 2), John De Vito (District 3), Jim Gaughran (District 5), Ryan Cronin (District 6), Adam Haber (District 7) and Todd Kaminsky (District 9). Long Island Activists put their faith in these candidates to acknowledge the ideological divide within the Democratic Party and continue the progressive agenda of the Bernie Sanders campaign and beyond.