How to Write A Letter to the Editor


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It can be simple, like "It is wonderful that the NY Times and author Farah Stockman opened the curtain on the power the police unions in Suffolk County have over almost every politician. It is absurd that our police are among the highest paid in the country, even higher than NYC police. It is absurd that they are only one of three county forces in the country that do not require body cameras. We need 1) a civilian review board so that the police are not policing themselves, and 2) body cameras required for all officers, and required without additional pay. 


After the George Floyd murder, Cuomo told all counties to come up with police reform plans by 4/1 or risk losing state funding. Suffolk procrastinated on its plan until the last minute, and it was not introduced to the Legislature until earlier this month (3/11). In the meantime, a number of groups had joined forces to put together what became known as The People's Plan for both Nassau and Suffolk. The vote on Bellone's plan will be March 30th. Bellone's plan is sorely lacking - police will still police themselves and they will be paid extra to wear body cameras. This is on a force where close to half earn salaries of $200,000 plus. 


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Re: The County Where Cops Call the Shots

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